Our Family Early Learning

Your home away from home



"I think your response was phenomenal. It was quick and effective. I feel that the well-being of the children, staff and families were the priority. We were very appreciative of the phone calls, the zoom sessions, the weekly activities and the Facebook page. It made us feel connected and provided a sense of normality for Lily.The little activity pack that was dropped off at the beginning of lock down was very well received and made Lily feel very loved. The constant contact and connection with the children made it very easy for them to walk back in after eight weeks away. Lily was very settled even after all the time away and I put this down to the fact that she was still in contact with her teachers and friends. 

You guys are all AWESOME and your response to lock down was no exception. Thank you for all you did for us as a family and all you continue to do for us. Its huge peace of mind knowing that Lily is in the best possible care. Thank you!"
- Frances & Grant, 2020

“My son had been there for nearly 2 years happy time, he missed there a lot after he went to school. Teachers are friendly and stable. A highly recommended place for childcare.”

 - Jasmine, 2019

“My little one comes here and I highly recommend them! I am most impressed with the fact that they ACTUALLY support toilet training! Most day cares would prefer to keep children in nappies because it is extra work to put them into underwear to toilet train. We all know it’s tiring to deal with little accidents. At Our Family Early Learning, they support parents with toilet train and allow children in underwear when the child is ready to be toilet trained.”

 - Anne, 2019

“10/10 for the service provided at this facility. For a very busy working Mum, I couldn’t ask for anything better for the service and support I have received from Debby and her team.”

 - Heather, 2019

“Debbie and her team are AMAZING! I highly recommend this centre and they care so much for the kids.  Thank you for looking after my kids in the last few years.”

 - Jai, 2019

"My son goes here and these are the BEST group of lady teachers on the North shore. They love their jobs and it's demonstrated by their above excellent teaching and guidance towards the kids. They educate and stimulate the children well and have them school ready in no time. When your children come here, they are more then just a number.They are part of the family and it carries on through to us the parents, grand parents and more. Soo, if you're looking for a centre that cares and delivers the BEST service towards your kids. Pick this place, you won't be disappointed."
- Rich, 2018

"I would like to appreciate you what you have done for Yeyul. I never forget you guys. Thanks so much".
- Kate, 2018

"Thank you very much. The whole time Emma was with Our Family I never had to worry! You've made our transition here in NZ so much easier. Grateful for your care and great work with Emma and the other kids."
- Elisha & Leo, 2018

"I felt at ease as a parent leaving my child there, it was a real communication of safety, care, education and wellbeing. Thank you we will miss coming each day."
- Cynthia, 2018