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Our Daily Programme

From the time your child arrives at preschool until they finish at the end of the day they are learning through their everyday experiences. 

Centre Opens - 7.30: Our day begins with welcoming tamariki and whanau. This helps the children to learn about ownership and belonging. They are affirmed as individuals and gain the confidence and knowledge to speak with the adults in their life. Children are encouraged to engage in self-choice activities such as puzzles, drawing and construction during this time. 

Set-Up - 8.30: The children engage in self-initiated play; this contributes to their play as they develop their own sense of ownership and independence.  

Huihui – 9.30: Small group gathering and morning tea. At huihui the children move into their small groups based on their age and interests. We engage in fun games and activities with a focus on rhyming, letter/number/shapes. This lasts for approximately 10-20 minutes dependent on age. While eating morning tea the children are supported to drink water and eat a selection of healthy fruit and snacks while serving themselves. This supports skills such as communication with others, hand/eye co-ordination and awareness of their own appetite. The older children engage in transition to school activities.

Exploration through play – 10.00: These activities include art, water/messy/sand play, drawing, large ball games, board games, storybooks, construction and dramatic play. All of these activities support the development of their literacy (sounding of letters, drawing, reading and writing), math (number knowledge, cognitive thinking, seriation and patterning) language (speaking, listening and understanding), gross (large muscle movement), fine motor (small muscle movement) music, art, independence and social skills, such as sharing, turn taking and dealing with conflict.

Music and Movement – 11.30: The children are learning about the appreciation of different kinds of music. While exploring and developing spatial awareness, body movement, coordination and a sense of melody and rhythm.

Lunch – 12pm: Our children are served four hot meals a week. On Friday we eat from lunch boxes to develop an awareness of making food choices throughout the day, opening containers and peeling fruit. During our lunch time the children sit at the table and are encouraged to serve themselves while use their cutlery independently and bring their dishes to the trolley when they have finished eating. The children develop their skills of independence, social interaction, fine-motor skills, co-ordination, ownership and belonging. 

Stories and Sleep - 12.30: While the younger children sleep, the other children have stories on the mat for approximately 15 minutes. While the children are sitting and listening to stories they are also learning to concentrate, retain information and retell this to the group. The children are exposed to new information about the wider world through many different types of print rich media.  

Group Activities - 12.45: The children engage at their chosen activity and complete the activity on the table with a small group of friends. This time supports the learning of perseverance, concentration, self-choice, developing and extending on their own ideas while resting the mind and body.

Exploration through play – 1pm: Before the children re-engage in their days play, we have buddy time. This is where we find different ways for the children to choose a new friend to play with for 10-15mins. This encourages new friendships, negotiation of play, language and new interests. Children then have the option to continue engaging in the activities either outside or inside.  

Afternoon Tea – 2.45: Again, the children are offered water, fruit and healthy snacks to eat.  

Stories – 3.00: We come together on the mat and listen and engage in stories and group games while many of the children leave for the day.  This is also a time for the teachers to engage in informal discussion with families about their child's day.

Inside Activities – 3.15: The children engage in self choice play inside.

Free Play/Tidy Up – 4pm: The children who are still at preschool continue to play with their peers, help the teachers to close the sandpit, and tidy up the days outside activities, supporting the development of responsibility, co-operation, working together, respecting their environment and the belongings of our centre. This is also a time for the teachers to engage in informal discussion with families about their child's day when they are picked up for the day.

Free Play – Until 5.30: 5.30 marks the end of the day for the children and until then they engage in free play.